Rock Box Scissors STUDIO

With our experience in graphic design and video game development, we decided to join forces around our shared interest for 90's video games. We first started to create games for us, and now decide to share them hoping that people will enjoy them.

Android Games

Fear the wrath of the Fox God!!!

Jump and slide to avoid the mystical red gates thrown at you. Clear as much of them and collect as many souls as you can to unlock masks to customize your hero!!!

  • Play in a traditionnal Japanese festival (Matsuri)
  • Find all the ways to unlock the secret masks
  • Master the slow motion to increase you score
  • Collect as many souls as you can

  • Share your highscore with #MatsuriQuest
    Dozo (≧◡≦) !!!!

Leave the stadium and join the Concrete!!!

From morning to night train yourself hard to score as many shots as you can, because it's all that matters!!!

  • Experience an 80's basketball game in an urban setting
  • Make as many shots as you can, and keep the fire alive
  • Score perfect shots to earn extra attempts!

  • Share your best scores with #ConcreteBasketball
    Dozo (≧◡≦) !!!!

Romain Boitier

3D/2D graphic designer
90's game enthousiast and japanologyst
Favorite childhood video games: F-Zero, Streets of Rage,
Day of the Tentacles


Video game developer and music enthousiast
Favorite childhood video games: Landstalker, Streets of Rage,
TMNT: The Hyperstone Heist

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